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The Most Important Number You Don’t Know

Numbers are a big part of life. Numbers can be lots of things to us: interesting, important, familiar, etc. We all know lots of numbers. This post is about the most important number you don’t know.

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Waking Up From the Matrix

Most of us live in the Matrix, and we’re completely unaware of the damage that’s doing – to us, our children, our culture, our country and our world. Will we wake up before it’s too late?

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Living Like a Sinner, Blessed Like a Saint

Can you actually live like a sinner and be blessed like a saint? According to my favorite scripture, and based on my personal life experiences, you can…as long as you’re doing this one thing… Check it out!

What Do You Do When Having Doubts About Doubt?

You’re a staunch non-believer. You are confident that there is no God. What happens when you start to have doubts about your doubt about God? What then? What does one do in such circumstances? Check it out!

Who Wins the Battle of NYC: Seinfeld or Altucher?

Who wins the war of words between hall of fame comedian and billionaire Jerry Seinfeld and uber successful entrepreneur, angel investor, author and multi-millionaire James Altucher. Click here to find out!

American Cities on Life Support: Will They Survive?

In the aftermath of COVID-19, George Floyd, the protests, the riots, etc., America’s greatest cities are on life support. Will they survive? What do YOU think? Check it out!

An Open Letter: To Thine Own Self Be True

One key voting bloc holds values and beliefs traditionally viewed as moderate, or even conservative. If that is the case, why do such an overwhelmingly high % continue to vote Democrat? Check it out!

Can We Overcome This Precedent?

A precedent has been established in terms of our response to dealing with outbreaks like coronavirus. But can we survive this precedent, when it spikes again, or when the next virus comes our way? Check it out!

Once in a Lifetime (Well, How Did We Get Here?)

Right now, we have a “once in a lifetime” convergence of factors threatening to undermine life in America as we know it. What are these factors, why have they occurred, and what can we do to defend against them.  Check it out!

Be Positive | Life Elemental [#LifeL // B+]

There are so many reasons for being positive! Not sure where to start, or how to get there? Read this post for both motivation for becoming more positive, and practical steps for doing it.  Check it out!

Stop Blaming God (for All the Pain and Suffering)

Many are quick to blame God for all the trouble, and all the pain and suffering, that exist in the world. In doing that, we are simply showing how little we know about God. We need to stop blaming God. Check it out!

Honoring the Memory of George Floyd

What happened to George Floyd was truly tragic. Unc shares his thoughts on this historic event, and the things we can do to make something positive out of this incredibly negative situation? Check it out!

It Ain’t Me (The Ninety-Six Percent Solution)

When it comes to the best things that have happened in my life, 24 out of the top 25 were not directly the result of my own efforts. It ain’t me producing those results…. Check it out!

Faithlist (A List of Reasons to Consider Having Faith)

Faithlist. Should you have faith? Should you believe? Here are some things to consider in making that ultra-important, potentially life-altering decision. Check it out!

Hollaback G (Can We Truly Call on God?)

Can what’s written at Jeremiah 33:3 really be true? Can we truly call on God? And will He actually answer? Check it out!

Me and My Omega (Defining Real Value)

It’s amazing how much value we can attach to material possessions that, very often, have absolutely nothing to do with the  object itself. Check it out!

I Got 44 Blessings (here’s a story ’bout one)

If you’re having life problems I feel bad for you son. I got forty-four blessings and this is a story ’bout one. Check it out!

What is the Correct Response to Devastation?

As we live through the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, we’re all dealing with this question: What is the right response to devastation? Check it out!

COVID-19: The Hard Reset We Needed

The COVID-19 pandemic is arguably the most traumatic and disruptive thing most of us have ever experienced in our lifetimes. But is this unprecedented pandemic exactly the hard reset we needed? Check it out!

I Can’t Explain (Really, I Can’t; and I’ve Tried)

Not qualified. Wrong reputation. Setting myself up for public ridicule. So, WHY am I doing this? I don’t know. The truth is, I can’t explain. Truly, this may end up being the single worst idea I have EVER had. Check it out!

Be a Believior, Not a Belieber

The truth is, we have no problem with Justin Bieber. But it’s still way more important to be a Believior than it is to be a Belieber. See what Unc has to say about this. Check it out!

Ya Gotta Have Faith (Ya Just Do!)

faith: ya gotta have it. you just do

Fath: ya gotta have it. You just do. In order to live optimally, and to experience all that you were meant to experience in this life, faith is absolutely essential. Unc explains why. Check it out!

An Open Letter to My Mom

open letter to my mom

An open letter to my mom. This may be the most intimate, personal thing I’ve ever shared publicly. I hope it resonates with you on some level. The moral of the story: never, ever give up on fixing relationships. Check it out!

The Greatest of the GOATs (Not MJ, Tiger or TB)

People love to debate about who the GOAT – the “greatest of all time” – is. Is it Jordan? LeBron? Tiger? Brady? Our pick for the true “greatest of the greatest of all time” might surprise you. Check it out and let us know what you think!