Welcome to the Uncphew podcast! Uncphew is a creative collaboration between an uncle and a nephew separated geographically, philosophically, generationally, politically and several other ways that end in “lly.” We enjoy talking about stuff, and we often have fairly intense debates about things. We hope to entertain you… that’s the goal. Other goals: to make you think… to make you laugh… to be shockingly candid… to not be politically correct… (but not for the sake of being politically incorrect, and never to be biased, but rather to be honest)… to see both sides of every issues… to piss you off from time to time… to never, ever bore you… Only time will tell if we accomplish these objectives, but that you are reading this says you’ve made it this far. Please check out our shows and let us know what you think!
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Wanting Whatever Power Source Kanye Is Plugged Into

After listening to Kanye on Joe Rogan’s podcast, Phew feels like he was “hit by lightning.” He definitely wants whatever power source Kanye is plugged into.

Click here to listen…

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The Most Important Number You Don’t Know

Numbers are a big part of life. Numbers can be lots of things to us: interesting, important, familiar, etc. We all know lots of numbers. This post is about the most important number you don’t know. Click here to continue reading…

Waking Up From The Matrix; Will We Wake Up in Time?

Most of us live in the Matrix, and we’re completely unaware of the damage that’s doing – to us, our children, our culture, our country and our world. Will we wake up before it’s too late? Click here to continue reading…

Living Like A Sinner, Blessed Like A Saint

Can you actually live like a sinner and be blessed like a saint? According to my favorite scripture, and based on my personal life experiences, you can…as long as you’re doing this one thing… Check it out!

What Do You Do When Having Doubts About Doubt?

You’re a staunch non-believer. You are confident that there is no God. What happens when you start to have doubts about your doubt about God? What then? What does one do in such circumstances? Check it out!

Turning Us Into Monsters, One Newsfeed At A Time

If you haven’t seen the Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma, stop what you’re doing and watch now. As you will learn from that outstanding show, Social Media is turning us into monsters, one newsfeed at a time. Click here to listen…

You’ve Got An Open Invitation, Winning At Quarantine & More

The guys discuss drinking, winning at quarantine, happiness, morning routines, the power of measurement and morning routines, Austin, TX, trusting the process and the open invitation that Unc extended to Phew. Click here to listen

I Don’t Want to Live in a World Like This Anymore

Unc and Phew have their most personal, intimate conversation to date. Both came into the podcast with specific, very different objectives, but – in the end – they find surprisingly powerful common ground. Click here to listen…

A Miracle, GLEXIT, Traverse City, Austin & Seinfeld – Oh My!

Unc and Phew talk about how one of Unc’s clients received a miracle heart transplant, how Phew’s longtime relationship is coming to an end, and what it was like advising James Altucher during his very public feud with Jerry Seinfeld. Click here to listen..

Who Wins the Battle of NYC: Seinfeld or Altucher?

There’s been a bit of a brouhaha going on between iconic New Yorker/billionaire Jerry Seinfeld and another iconic New Yorker/multi-millionaire James Altucher. Click here to continue reading…

American Cities on Life Support: Will They Survive?

In the aftermath of COVID-19, George Floyd, the protests, the riots, etc., America’s greatest cities are on life support. Will they survive? What do YOU think? Check it out!

An Open Letter: To Thine Own Self Be True

One key voting bloc holds values and beliefs traditionally viewed as moderate, or even conservative. If that is the case, why do such an overwhelmingly high % continue to vote Democrat? Check it out!

Just Another Flavor of Nietzsche’s Übermensch

Unc and Phew talk about comedy, big data, how certain members of the elite class suffer from Nietzsche’s “Übermensch” syndrome, and how ignoring history is a great way to repeat it. Check it out!

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Once in a Lifetime (Well, How Did We Get Here?)

Right now, we have a “once in a lifetime” convergence of factors threatening to undermine life in America as we know it. What are these factors, why have they occurred, and what can we do to defend against them.  Check it out!

Jenna Marbles is a Soft and Available Target

The social justice mob claims another victim: this time, it’s beloved YouTube star Jenna Marbles. Cancel culture continues to run wild, further reducing free speech. Check it out!

Be Positive | Life Elemental [#LifeL // B+]

There are so many reasons for being positive! Not sure where to start, or how to get there? Read this post for both motivation for becoming more positive, and practical steps for doing it.  Check it out!

Stop Blaming God (for All the Pain and Suffering)

Many are quick to blame God for all the trouble, and all the pain and suffering, that exist in the world. In doing that, we are simply showing how little we know about God. We need to stop blaming God. Check it out!

Passion Is A Poor Substitute For Reason

Sam Harris published an AMAZING podcast that you simply MUST check out! This podcast is our response and reaction to that podcast. Check it out!

I Got 44 Blessings (here’s a story ’bout one)

If you’re having life problems I feel bad for you son. I got forty-four blessings and this is a story ’bout one. Check it out!

Most Popular Podcasts & Blogs

Me and My Omega (Defining Real Value)


It’s amazing how much value we can attach to material possessions that, very often, have absolutely nothing to do with the  object itself. Check it out!

Faithlist (A List of Reasons to Consider Having Faith)

440+ Likes

Faithlist. Should you have faith? Should you believe? Here are some things to consider in making that ultra-important, potentially life-altering decision. Check it out!

Nobody Makes Any Money Doing Anything Anymore

470+ Likes

Nobody makes any money doing anything anymore. Welcome to the Gig Economy! Technology is polarizing our culture and killing us economically.  Check it out!

Obama is the Best/Worst POTUS EVER

200+ Likes & 500 Comments

Every thinking person knows that Obama is the best or worst POTUS of all-time. Unc and Phew decide to get into the octagon and battle it out to see what the truth really is on this red-hot topic. Warning: it ain’t pretty …. Listen in!

RIP Journalism (Future Shock Arrives)

20K Likes & 4.9K Shares

The world has truly turned into a ball of confusion for many. Recent events have made it fairly clear that large swaths of the media are no longer objective. In some cases, it’s almost comically obvious. Click on the player below to listen to Unc and Phew kick this one around!

College Campuses Gone Wild (So Many Pussies)

7K Likes & 1.7K Shares

Jonathan Haidt said it perfectly: “If you haven’t been on a college campus since 2013, you have no idea how bad it’s gotten.” Listen to the radical stuff happening at today’s institutions of higher learning. Click to listen and watch the amazing related videos!