Welcome to the Uncphew podcast! Uncphew is a creative collaboration between an uncle and a nephew separated geographically, philosophically, generationally, politically and several other ways that end in “lly.” We enjoy talking about stuff, and we often have fairly intense debates about things. We hope to entertain you… that’s the goal. Other goals: to make you think… to make you laugh… to be shockingly candid… to not be politically correct… (but not for the sake of being politically incorrect, and never to be biased, but rather to be honest)… to see both sides of every issues… to piss you off from time to time… to never, ever bore you… Only time will tell if we accomplish these objectives, but that you are reading this says you’ve made it this far. Please check out our shows and let us know what you think!

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Meeting My Maker *gulp*

What will God say to me on that fateful day when we meet face-to-face? Will I get the elevator up, or the elevator down? Click here to continue reading…

On Being Up During the Down

We’re happy during the good times. Can we be happy during the down times? Yes, we can. Here’s how… Click here to continue reading…

Ya Gotta Have Faith

In order to experience the best in this life, I sincerely believe you must have faith. Ya gotta have faith – you just do. Click here to continue reading…

The Source (of all good things)

Who – or what – is the source of all the good things that happen to you? You might be surprised to find out the answer to that question. Click here to continue reading…

How to Experience Joy On Demand

Are you able to experience joy whenever you want? Here’s what I’ve figured out about how to do that… Click here to continue reading…

Documenting the Wins

Doing this one, simple thing dramatically changed my life. Maybe it can change yours, too… Click here to continue reading…

No Weapon Formed Against You Shall Prosper

Can it really be true that no weapon formed against you shall prosper? If you believe, and if you receive? Absolutely! Click here to continue reading…

The Most Important Number

Numbers are a big part of life. We all know lots of numbers. This post is about the most important number you don’t know. Click here to continue reading…

Will We Wake Up From the Matrix in Time?

Most of us live in the Matrix, and we’re completely unaware of the damage that’s doing – to virtually everything. Will we wake up before it’s too late? Click here to continue reading…

Living Like A Sinner, Blessed Like A Saint

Can you live like a sinner and be blessed like a saint? According to my favorite scripture, and based on my personal experiences, you can…as long as you’re doing this one thing… Check it out!

Are You Having Doubts About Doubt?

You’re a staunch non-believer. You are confident that there is no God. What happens when you start to have doubts about your doubt about God?  Check it out!

Is Social Media Turning Us into Monsters?

If you haven’t seen the Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma, stop what you’re doing and watch now. Is SM turning us into monsters, one newsfeed at a time? Click here to listen…

Be Positive | Life Elemental [#LifeL // B+]

There are so many reasons for being positive! Not sure where to start, or how to get there? Here are the practical steps for doing exactly that.  Check it out!

Stop Blaming God (for All the Pain and Suffering)

We are quick to blame God for all the trouble, pain and suffering in the world. In doing that, we’re simply showing how little we know about God… Check it out!

I Got 44 Blessings (here’s a story ’bout one)

If you’re having life problems I feel bad for you son. I got forty-four blessings and this is a story ’bout one. Check it out!

Me and My Omega (Defining Real Value)

It’s amazing how much value we can attach to material possessions that, very often, have absolutely nothing to do with the  object itself. Check it out!

Faithlist (A List of Reasons to Believe)

Faithlist. Should you have faith? Should you believe? Here are some things to consider in making that ultra-important, potentially life-altering decision. Check it out!

Nobody Makes Any Money Anymore

Nobody makes any money doing anything anymore. Welcome to the Gig Economy! Technology is polarizing our culture and killing us economically.  Check it out!