Wanting Whatever Power Source Kanye is Plugged Into

After listening to Kanye on Joe Rogan’s podcast, Phew feels like he was “hit by lightning.” He definitely wants whatever power source Kanye is plugged into. Listen now!

Show Notes

Inspired by Kanye

  • Phew watched Kanye on Joe Rogan’s podcast (watch below) and was inspired
  • Felt like he was hit by lightning

Kanye and Christianity

  • Kanye started a group of churches around America
  • That’s been his focus for the past year
  • Building a megachurch in Atlanta
  • Kanye is making church cool

Is Kanye crazy?

  • Kanye clearly has a disorder of some variety
  • He has the audacity to actually go and do what he feels God is directing him to do
  • Stopped taking medications that he felt made him less creative
  • Philosophers often come off as ranting lunatics

Was Kierkegaard crazy?

  • Kierkegaard, who wrote Fear and Trembling
  • A retelling of the Abraham and Isaac story on Mt. Mariah
  • Fear and Trembling retells that story over and over
  • How did Abraham pull that off?
  • When you read that book, you think Keirkegaard is crazy

Fear, doubt and faith

  • The proper state of faith is one of anxiety, not of calm, blind faith
  • Going forward with what you’ve been led to believe, in spite of your doubts
  • The purpose exceeds the doubt
  • Kanye is not burdened by an anchor of any variety

Kanye’s audacity

  • The audacity of the things Kanye is pursuing
  • Never liked him before that podcast
  • He is a struggling genius
  • He truly believes that God is speaking through him
  • The weight of carrying those burdens

Doing everything for an audience of one

  • Unc believes Kanye
  • There are actually people on this planet at any given point in time who are being used by God
  • Doing things that make no sense on a human level that you believe make sense on a divine, spiritual level
  • Doing everything for an audience of one

Is Kanye truly inspired by God?

  • You don’t care what anyone else thinks, because you know what you believe
  • Kanye feels a pressure that he believes is from God
  • Is Kanye truly inspired by God?

Kanye remakes everything he touches

  • Kanye has changed every domain – rap, fashion, design, etc. – that he has touched
  • In almost every instance, people doubted him, laughed at him, etc.
  • Then he proves them wrong
  • His self belief is so incredibly strong
  • Kanye believes what he is doing is divinely inspired, and he’s confident others will ultimately see that
  • That’s how strongly he believes what he believes
  • Kanye did something with Joel Osteen at Osteen’s church

Kanye inspiring Phew to play a bigger game

  • There must be more to this
  • What am I holding back for?
  • Why should I play a smaller game than I could?

Who better to reach an entire generation?

  • This dude is like a prophet
  • Who better to hand pick to reach young, hip, hip-hop, culturally hip young people than Kanye?
  • All the way back to College Dropout, when he rapped Jesus Walks (watch video below)

Making it cool to believe in God

Whatever Kanye is plugged into, I want to be plugged into that

  • Unc watching Phew change over the years
  • Unc really likes the arc of Phew’s life
  • Whatever source Kanye is plugged into, I want to be plugged into

Risk-averse culture hurting everything

  • Elon Musk could have been some engineer at General Motors
  • We live in a society of technicians
  • People are far more interested in adjusting something that came before, rather than in creating things that are entirely new
  • Our society is suffering because no one wants to take any risks

The Social Dilemma effects

  • Fear of failure is a greater motivator for most people
  • Doubling back to The Social Dilemma, those factors make things even worse
  • Deviating from the political correctness issue de jour

Causing upheaval wherever Kanye goes

  • Reminded Phew of the first time he listened to Jordan Peterson
  • He was so different from anyone else on the scene at the time: I need to consume everything this guy puts out
  • Felt the same about Kanye: he’s plugged into a different power source than anyone else
  • Kanye is causing upheaval – in a good way – wherever he goes

Completely changing the brand presence of adidas

  • Example: the Yeezy line of shoes at adidas
  • Created an entirely different pricing paradigm
  • Totally changed their brand presence

Overcoming every naysayer

  • “I’m going to make God cool” – and he will
  • That will be the next big thing
  • What’s the next thing I can do to wreck myself, and now stand back and watch me overcome whatever I need to overcome
  • Much like – love him or hate him – Donald Trump
  • The certainty with which Kanye speaks

God moves in mysterious ways

  • God uses completely ordinary people – or less than ordinary people – to accomplish His purposes
  • Moses another example: he was a murderer before he became the leader of God’s chosen people
  • God works in mysterious ways
  • People don’t have ideas, ideas have people

God rewards those who boldly proclaim their faith

  • In order to receive, you have to believe
  • What are people so threatened by the idea of Christianity?
  • Kanye has never been shy about professing his connection to Christianity
  • Kanye put his faith out into the world all the way back in 2002, when he released Jesus Walks
  • That is exactly the kind of action that God rewards
  • God rewards those who boldly and fearlessly proclaim their faith
  • In that song, Kanye rapped the following:

So here go my single, dawg, radio needs this
They say you can rap about anything except for Jesus
That means guns, sex, lies, videotape
But if I talk about God my record won’t get played, huh?

Wanting whatever power source Kanye is plugged into

  • The war of this world is between good and evil
  • Touching a nerve that they do not want to have touched
  • Whatever power source he’s plugged into, that’s what I want
  • Phew feels like he’s been struck by lightning