You’ve Got an Open Invitation

The guys discuss drinking, winning at quarantine, happiness, morning routines, the power of measurement and morning routines, Austin, TX, trusting the process and the open invitation that Unc extended to Phew. Listen now!

Show Notes

Bourbon vs tequila

  • Strange reaction to tequila
  • Unc is an actual Maker’s Mark Ambassador
  • But if he drinks just a little too much?
  • Can drink an infinite amount of tequila
  • Phew’s level of drinking have tapered off

Basque Country Cider

  • Phew’s favorite: Basque Country Spanish Cider
  • A brief history of this drink
  • Very expensive, but worth every penny
  • Almost impossible to find
  • Phew’s dad loves bad beer

Traverse City Whiskey

  • Barrel-proof bourbon whiskey with Morrissey cherries
  • Barrel-proof rye
  • Limited edition bourbon whiskey finished in port barrels

How the human body reacts to serious injury

  • Unc has been seriously injured twice: skiing accident, and motorcycle accident
  • Low power mode
  • Almost stop thinking completely
  • No TV, no music, just curled up in fetal position
  • Phew has curtailed his consumption

The weirdness of tequila

  • Agave, turns into sugar into your system quickly
  • It’s an upper, not a downer
  • In the family of mescaline, etc.
  • The connections between psychedelics and tequila

Unc has become an amazing chef

  • Lived with a professional chef for 20 years, and learned nothing from her
  • Makes a great meal every night
  • Starts drinking around 5 PM
  • Having a great time playing games with his 87 year old mother

Winning at quarantine

  • Cooking shows and training have become super popular during the lockdown
  • Phew’s parents do the same thing
  • Unc has really come to appreciate the simple things in life
  • Savoring every single day
  • Wrote a blog post about the experience of having his mom move into his house

Advantages of age and experience

  • Time in this life is so limited
  • Being thankful and having mega gratitude
  • Every day without a major negative is a phenomenal day
  • Adjusting perspective, and no longer taking drama-free days for granted
  • Abraham Lincoln: Most people are about as happy as they want to be

Unc’s morning routine

  • Things he does every day to adjust his attitude and perspective, because he knows he needs that
  • Tim Ferriss’ Tools of Titans
  • All of Unc’s morning routine has ties back to that one book
  • Morning pages: “like spiritual windshield wipers”
  • Meditative practice the number-one most common thing mentioned by those Ferriss interviewed


  • Using auto-suggestion to reprogram yourself
  • Napoleon Hill talked about this
  • There is definitely something to the that process, in which words become things
  • You shouldn’t look AT obstacles; you should look at the ways to get AROUND them

The power of measurement

  • Tim Ferriss’ The 4-Hour Body
  • Guy who did nothing but track his weight for a year, but made no other changes
  • Charles Duhigg talks about this in his book Smarter Faster Better
  • If you interrupt or record information, it causes changes in your brain you don’t even notice
  • It’s amazing how many times those auto-suggestion things actually become reality
  • The best to effect change – in any area of your life – is to measure it

Unc’s number one discipline he’s developed over the years

  • 3M 2 foot by 3 foot wall Post-it
  • Monthly checklist
  • Every single day
  • Because it’s on the wall, you can’t get it away from it
  • Phew is in awe of Unc’s discipline and consistency

James Altucher

  • Tony Robbins: It’s not what you can do, it’s what you can do consistently
  • If you can get 1% better every day, you’ll be more than 3x better in just a year
  • You’ll be more than 10x better in under three years

Trust the process

  • Added benefit: when you reach a certain level of discipline and consistency, you have less stress
  • From experience, you know you can trust your process
  • When you can look at the wall and see that you have been putting in the time, you know, ultimately, that will produce results
  • Jordan Harbinger: quantity has a quality all its own
  • Do the most important things first

Sharing ideas with the world

  • Altucher credits recovering from financial ruin to writing 10 new ideas every day
  • He would then share his ideas with whomever he thought would benefit from the idea
  • Reaching out to people who you don’t think will reply
  • The most beautiful girl gets the fewest invitations for dates: men don’t try, because they lack confidence

Saying yes vs saying no

  • Two schools of thought here
  • Going deep vs going wide
  • Buffet and Gates: Focus is the number one thing that has made them successful

Unc’s open invitation to Phew

  • Lots of change and chaos in Phew’s life
  • Unc trying to become a better person
  • Phew feels #blessed
  • Unc was so direct
  • So hard to know what the world is going to be like in six months

Austin, TX

  • Austin is a great town; Unc loves it, except for the climate
  • Think they just defunded the police in Austin
  • Joe Rogan was just talking about this on his podcast with Ron White
  • Rogan is in Austin now
  • Texas appears to be the number one landing place for the exodus out of California

More discussion about drinking

  • Unc had a great time every time he went to Austin
  • Phew had mezcal for the first time
  • People really, truly enjoying life
  • Austin is also a fitness mecca
  • What health club you belong to is a real status thing