Jenna Marbles is a Soft and Available Target

The social justice mob claims another victim: YouTube star Jenna Marbles. Cancel culture is running amok, ruining lives and careers with a breathtaking lack of regard for the damage being done to the fabric of a nation firmly founded on the concept of free speech.

Show Notes

The Mara Sisters

  • Rooney Mara was incredible in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
  • Kata Mara was equally amazing in House of Cards
  • Daniel Markovitz: The Failure of Meritocracy (see below)
  • The level of connections that the elite have
  • Would the Mara sisters be famous actresses without the silver spoon?

More on the Maras

  • House of Cards; the last season was terrible
  • Kevin Spacey was cut out of the entire last season
  • Even NASCAR says, “We’ve had enough!”
  • Rooney Mara created the cyberpunk genre
  • She was so hot that she created another category of acceptable popular girl


  • Unc has been playing Yahtzee every night with his mom
  • She is the most competitive person on the planet
  • We call her the Yahtzee Nazi

Cancel Culture Claims Another

  • Running afoul of the PC police
  • Jenna Marbles – one of YouTube’s biggest stars, with over 20M subscribers – is quitting YouTube
  • People methodically went through everything she’s ever done that was potentially offensive to someone
  • YouTube has become a toxic environment for her
  • A witch hunt to discover her “offenses”

Logan Paul

  • Zero to 15M subscribers in one year
  • Made a “suicide forest” video with a dead body hanging from a tree in the background
  • Did leave YouTube for a while
  • He then came back, which is what I think Jenna will do

Adam Corolla: Grow the Hell Up

Destroying Everything They Don’t Agree With

  • Destroying images we don’t agree with
  • “We are soon entering an era in which all social relationships will be mediated through a series of images.”
  • Ridiculous to go after people who are clearly not malicious in their intentions
  • People are ignoring the intention behind the creation
  • Every time people apologize, it gives moral credence to the people making those accusations

Dave Chappelle: People Have to Have the Space to Make Mistakes

  • Just waiting for someone to push back against such attacks
  • Depriving people of their livelihoods
  • This is America: we have the right to free speech
  • Dave Chappelle: People have to have the space to make mistakes

Racism is Built on Ignorance

  • If you make ignorance a crime, you have ruined the opportunity to educate people
  • It is your responsibility to educate yourself
  • You can’t know what you don’t know
  • According to whose dogma?

Liberals Eat Their Own

  • The people at the radical end of the political spectrum are the ones with the biggest voices
  • Liberals have done a poor job of pushing back against the radical end of their political spectrum
  • Jenna Marbles is a soft and available target
  • People should be attacking government mechanisms that create racism
  • Liberals attack the wrong thing, simply because it’s easy to do so
  • The steam that powers the machine of change gets expelled on soft, available and meaningless targets

So Much Ignorance

  • If there is one piece of content every American to consume: Sam Harris’ “Can We Pull Back from the Brink?”
  • Why is this an issue on the left?
  • If the people who are rioting in LA knew that police killings in LA were at a 30 year low, would they still be rioting?
  • Tearing down a statue of a famous abolitionist?

Who Does the Rioting?

  • Who does the rioting? It’s ALWAYS the left
  • The lowest form of protest? Rioting
  • Dan Bongino: what’s happening right now is no longer about rhetoric; it’s a brute show of force

Unc Grew Up in a Democrat-Dominated Environment

  • Unc was raised with a positive view of democrats
  • Trump produced lowest unemployment rate in American history
  • How you design rules and regulations makes all the difference


  • Policy on tariffs
  • You’d think liberals would support something like tariffs that help American workers
  • The problem: Trump Derangement Syndrome
  • Where we are in the world: all liberals want is Trump out

Their True Priorities

  • Democrats rejection of legislation specifically designed to address police reform
  • Tim Scott: An honest attempt on the part of conservatives to address police reform
  • The Dems response? Fuck you
  • They are not trying to help America, they are trying to get rid of Trump

Presidential Priorities

  • Phew: Doesn’t want ANY of the current presidential options; they’re all too old, using policies from 30 years ago
  • Unc: Age and experience have massive advantages
  • 80% of the hatred toward Trump are politically-correct based
  • What Unc wants in a president
  • Someone who understands economics
  • Someone who keep us safe

On Trump

  • Trump not taking aggressive stances re law and order: to avoid being labeled an authoritarian
  • Trump is the law and order guy without having to do anything
  • The best way for America to be unified: for there to be a strong economy in which the most people participate in the American dream
  • Trump’s problem? He’s a complete asshat
  • For the left, it’s all about “what kind of a person you are”

The Riots Had to Happen?!?!

  • Bret Weinstein on Joe Rogan: These riots almost have to happen, because many people have no opportunity to finely articulate their grievances
  • Ten hour waits to vote in some major metropolitan areas
  • Sam Harris made the point multiple times that rioting is not in the best interests of liberals and African Americans

You’re Doing It All Wrong

  • If the goal is to take back power, this is NOT the way to do it
  • So many videos of innocent people being attacked and beaten
  • Every one of those videos is another 10,000 or 100,000 votes for Trump
  • Every time you raise a fist, a rock, a brick, or a lighter, you are hurting your cause

Real World Tension

  • First time out in the world in three months, and there was TENSION
  • In what world can we justify the attacking of innocent people
  • The approach right now is “an eye for an eye”
  • The left simply cannot win in such a context
  • “Just preparing for the civil war that at this point feels inevitable”

Spike in African American Gun Ownership

  • Alternative to the NAR: NAAGA
  • The most reasonable approach to gun ownership: gun ownership is never going away, and we need to pursue meaningful education for every American
  • Countries that effectively require gun ownership
  • Second Amendment exists for people to be able to check the power of the state
  • No-knock warrants? That would happen totally differently

Final Thoughts

  • The number one problem we have: a dishonest media
  • The real reasons for the rioting
  • The true reality: America IS the greatest country in the world