EP40: Absence of Community & Purpose of Higher Education

Is the absence of “community” a major problem in America today? Have college sports programs perverted the purpose of higher education? Is this truly the end of Phew’s aspirations for a career as a comedian? Listen in to find out!

Show Notes

Cancel Culture Run Amok

  • Shane Gillis fired from SNL before he ever appeared on a single episode
  • Reporter went back through Gillis’ entire social media history and found one instance in which he used a racial slur
  • Phew: I’m so cancelled just because I am on this show
  • Unc: I had one goal when we started this podcast back in 2016: to eliminate any possibility of Phew ever having a career in professional stand up comedy

Slow Suicide of the Old Gray Lady

  • Meanwhile, the New York Times can hire someone who has openly Tweeted things like “White people should all die,” and there’s no problem with that
  • We (liberals) can’t get our house in order
  • Even liberal media sources are starting to state publicly that the bias has gone too far

New York Times Daily Podcast

  • Ridiculous story on daily podcast
  • Who is this story supposed to be for?
  • Checking boxes of things to trigger liberals

Triggering for the Sake of Triggering

  • How many angering, triggering things can they include in one paragraph?
  • There are obvious biases in their reporting
  • Liberal elites patting themselves in their ivory tower about how morally superior their position is

Unc: Phew is so thoughtful

  • Unc: Phew is a very thoughtful person
  • Only one who sent Unc flowers in the hospital after his motorcycle accident
  • Crazy things seem normal because a narrative gets put forth, and so many people just go along with it

Happening in NYC

  • What’s happening in NYC right now in terms of reopening
  • Really challenging rent situation in NYC right now
  • Guest on Sam Harris’ Making Sense podcast, Daniel Markovits, a law professor at Yale
  • There should be a one-time wealth tax in America, right now

Absence of Community

  • “We are all in this together”
  • A sense of community that is missing or absent from right now
  • Bill Beteet’s noted love for America
  • We take the greatness of America for granted

On what should public policy be based?

  • We should not be reshaping policy based on extraordinary events that may never happen again in our lifetimes
  • Which is more extraordinary: the period of unprecedented economic expansion in America from 1945 to 2019, or that things will tend toward crisis?
  • Stress-testing idealogical positions
  • Not seeing the value in wanting to participate in that system of “college – debt – living with debt”
  • Either you have capitalism, or you don’t

The crazy cost of higher education

  • Colleges competing for students
  • College debt is the most collectible debt there is
  • Colleges can just keep spending, as long as students are willing to take on essentially any amount of debt to participate in the higher education process
  • At University of Michigan, some of the dorms are like 5 star hotels
  • Similar at University of Colorado

What is the purpose of higher education?

  • The profit motive warps everything
  • The amount of money paid to university officials
  • Capitalism is so clearly the best option
  • Grossly overpaid: professional athletes

Highest-paid public official? Head football coach

  • Typically, the highest paid public official in a given state is the head coach of the most successful college football program in that state
  • What do you do as a college football coach?
  • You take a bunch of para-adolescents and teach them how to run into each other well

Why do universities exist?

  • What is the purpose of a university?
  • Maximizing income for the people at the top echelon of the school?
  • Application of the Napoleonic code

How did we get here?

  • Football is the cash cow
  • How we got here
  • Football just grew organically to become the monster that it is today
  • Is a successful program a “cancerous growth”?

The brand value of a college

  • Nothing but respect for University of Michigan as an institution
  • What is the value of the brand that has been created around the University of Michigan
  • The divisiveness that exists today
  • How it keeps progress from happening

Guns at protests? Bad optics

  • Carrying guns at protests
  • There is no reason to do that
  • What’s missing in all of this: the sense of community
  • How the NRA has changed in recent years
  • An ideological split within the IRA at some point, and the more aggressive faction won