EP38: Joe Rogan Signs $100M Deal & Other Random Musings

Unc and Phew intended to talk about “romance in the era of COVID-19,” but they never got there as they instead talked about a whole slew of other random things, including Shubas Tavern in Chicago, terrible roommate stories, the power of saying “no,” flaws in today’s educational system, and Joe Rogan’s $100 million deal with Spotify. Enjoy!

Show Notes

Memories of Schubas in Chicago

Horrible roommates

  • Horrible drug dealing roommate
  • Work Drinking Drinking Work podcast
  • Interesting roommates at Michigan State University
  • The grocery bag o’ panties

Impossible to shut down

  • Bill Beteet’s Frame Control Master Class is doing really well
  • Becoming conditioned to be “on” all the time
  • The cost of being “on” all the time
  • Dis-ease
  • The anxiety of not knowing

Don’t Do Real Estate

  • Unc’s advice: never pursue real estate
  • After a while, it becomes a trap
  • Limited shelf life of online courses

Great Advice from Steve Jobs

  • Steve Jobs, on what was next: “I don’t know; I’m going to sit around until a billion-dollar idea comes to me”
  • The concept of doing nothing until you KNOW what you are going to do
  • The waste of resources by doing the wrong thing

The power of saying “no”

  • Doing the wrong thing for the right reason
  • Kid Rock, about the drummer in AC/DC: “The mark of a true master is knowing when not to play”
  • How in the hell did Google become Google so quickly?
  • Mark Zuckerberg: a complete alien

Failings of Our Educational System

  • Things that never get taught anywhere
  • High level business lessons learn
  • Seth Godin’s ALT MBA Program
  • In order to do it, you just have to do it
  • Sadly, our educational system is not designed for the real world
  • The things that are emphasized in education today

Helicopter Parenting

  • The responsibility of the parents vs the responsibility of the educational process
  • Phew’s mother complete his first college application
  • Helicopter parenting article in the Wall Street Journal
  • College grads legitimately caught in the jaws of right now

Hard Times for Home Gym Users

Joe Rogan’s $100M deal with Spotify

  • Making the market for podcasting
  • John Krasinski’s Some Good News YouTube channel
  • Traditional media is dying/committing suicide
  • RIP Journalism, our most popular podcast, was four years ago
  • Vox Media, Ezra Klein’s editor: How did we get COVID-19 so wrong?

Vacuum Created by Suicidal Media

  • The vacuum created by corrupt media is being filled with all kinds of homemade stuff
  • Every company with its own media creation department
  • Joe Rogan has essentially solved the problem of journalism: long form conversations with experts
  • We’re going to get to the bottom of larger issues

Anti-Sound Bite Era Upon Us?

  • Are we entering the era of the “anti-sound bite”
  • Random things I have learned from listening to Rogan
  • Unc taking supplements he learned about watching: Turkey Tail and Lion’s Mane
  • The story of a flood and some cattle: Paul Stamets (see video below)