EP37: Golden Age of Contrepreneurialism

Truly, we are blessed to be living in the golden age of “contrepreneurialisim,” a wonderful era in which millions are drawn to the irresistible siren songs of a veritable Murderer’s Row of “let me show you how to get rich-ists.” So much snake oil! So little time!

Show Notes

Mike Winnet’s “The Contrepreneur Formula”

Shameless Self Promotion

  • Phew just published his third book: The Stoic Salesperson; buy on Amazon at https://amzn.to/3fIpZrS
  • Relating to that, the advice Phew received from a business coach
  • This was the coach’s approach to everything
  • Making everything sounds so much easier than it really is
  • Then the marketing and upselling begins

Tai Lopez is a Complete Contrepreneur

  • In my garage with my Ferraris
  • How did my helicopter get in this picture?
  • “If you’re in a room and you can’t figure out who the sucker is, you’re the sucker”
  • Tai Lopez, Grant Cardone, etc. all doing the same thing

Unc’s Experience in the Space

  • Unc has sold stuff online
  • Nearly moved to Austin, TX to take a job there a few years ago
  • Acted as webinar host
  • Several of the webinars had in excess of 1,000 attendees
  • Made $50K in two hours on several different occasions

The Golden Age of Contrepreneurialsim

  • We’ve reached defcon con
  • Who are the ultimate snake oilers?
  • Phew bought Cardone’s 10X book; had almost no value
  • All of his content has an upsell
  • Kevin Zhang Online Entrepreneur of the Year in 2019

Unc’s San Francisco Treat

  • Phew: quick Google search first item referenced “cult”
  • EST, popular bacon the 70s
  • An absolutely bizarre experience in San Francisco
  • Psychological programming

Warren Buffett

  • Rules that Warren Buffet uses:
  • Rule one: The way to become rich is to make money, not lose it
  • Rule two: Never forget rule number one

Exceptions to the Rule

  • Frank Kern: seems like a credible guy
  • Not a fan of those who espouse failure as a good thing
  • Most people are afraid of failure, full stop
  • Ryan Daniel Moran also seems legit
  • Unc purchased the book he just published

Amazon FBA

  • Building a business and selling it for a multiple of 25-30X
  • Five years too late to that game?
  • People who make real money are the ones who can see where the puck is going, not where it is
  • James Altucher’s challenge to Phew to write the book: https://youtu.be/Z-QIQQQBfN8