EP10: Scandal Scoresheet

It seems that every day (literally) there is a new scandal the emerges relating to the 2016 American presidential election. We did some research, trying to locate an objective, succinct summary of ALL of the scandals relating to each of the candidates. And we couldn’t find one. So we created one ourselves. Watch the video below, and listen to our podcast…and then GET the 2016 Election Scandal Scoresheet!

Show Notes

  • Something we created for everyone concerned about the upcoming election [:57]
  • We’re being as unbiased as we can possibly be [1:25]
  • So much information that is not relevant but it feels relevant [2:30]
  • The 2016 Election Scandal Scoresheet; several days of research we did to compile all the scandals of each candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton and Donald J. Trump [3:30]
  • Just read and click to go directly to the source of the item included [4:25]
  • We learned a LOT from preparing this thing [4:45]
  • The current election is tearing our family apart [5:30]
  • Michelle Obama’s recent speech publicly shaming Trump [6:20]
  • If a man had spoken the same words in reverse, he would have been vilified [7:50]
  • Family members started to question Phew’s choice of the word “interesting” [9:10]
  • Generated a very unhealthy exchange [10:00]
  • We can’t have any nuance in any political discussion anymore [11:05]
  • People were searching for evidence of something that didn’t exist; it was like they were on a witch hunt [11:28]
  • Coming from family it felt like an attack [12:18]
  • There’s no longer even any pretense of objectivity or civility [12:45]
  • Social justice warriors just hair-trigger waiting to be offended [13:30]
  • What’s different here: this is OUR FAMILY we’re talking about [13:45]
  • Unc absolutely escalated the rhetoric; just tired of all of this thinking [14:45]
  • One of the largest events in US history: the Civil War [15:15]
  • ALL OF THAT leads to the point: this is why we created the Scandal Scoresheet [15:40]
  • People’s minds are made up, and it doesn’t matter what the facts are, and there is no honest intellectual component to this for many people [16:10]
  • We can’t have two sets of rules [17:05]
  • Women advocate for their own private spaces, while attacking Trump for something he said in a private space [18:40]
  • We’ve reached a place in our culture where the ONLY thing that matters is winning [22:15]
  • Things just keep happening in the world. Our RIP, Journalism podcast is almost already obsolete [23:30]
  • WikiLeaks is a million times bigger than Watergate [24:50]
  • Dan Carlin’s podcast re what makes a good president vs what makes a bad president; the nation is choosing worse and worse competitors [29:10]
  • The level of political discourse was SO MUCH HIGHER back in the 1800s; we just don’t have good conversations anymore [31:30]
  • Probably plenty of qualified people, but who in the right mind would run for President given all the crap candidates go through? [33:15]
  • One one side, we have a raging egomaniac [35:40]
  • On the other side, you have someone who has sold out America [36:10]
  • As Unc said it recently, “One COULD be a terrible choice who might make unwise, selfish decisions that may jeopardize the future of our country. One is GUARANTEED to do those things” [39:20]
  • One of Adam Lyon’s live in girlfriends’ is Russian; WWIII could be just around the corner, she’s very much aware of it, and we as a country are not even remotely aware of it [40:40]
  • Just Google “Iskander” [40:40]
  • Like the Bible says, “Don’t focus on the speck in the other person’s eye…” [41:45]
  • BE INFORMED [43:30]
  • Ancient philosophers thought passion was the enemy of reason [44:55]

Not sure who you distrust the least? Trying to figure out who has more skeletons in the closet? Interested in finding out where all the bodies are buried? We compiled every scandal we could find for BOTH candidates, and we did that as objectively and as honestly as we could. Click “FREE Download” below to get your free 2016 Election Scandal Scoresheet! We’re not asking for your email address or anything else – we just want you to make the most informed decision possible. Download and learn!