EP06: The Cultural Norms of German Trains

In this episode, Unc and Phew attempt to blindside each other with unexpected topics. The end result is a free flowing cavalcade of stories, anecdotes, and–of course–admissions of idiocy and self-loathing. Highlights include being the 29th ranked Starbucks consumer on the planet in 2011, the dangers of two-wheeled transportation, yelling obscenities into open car windows, being an evil–but unfailingly polite–child, the Hockenheim Maneuver, enforcing the cultural norms of German trains, how it’s become impossible to “be the adult” in America anymore and the #1 question on everyone’s mind during 2016, “how he gon get his money?” //CLICK ON THE PLAYER ABOVE TO LISTEN!

Show Notes

  • New concept: blindsiding each other with whatever [1:00]
  • First topic: What is your stimulant protocol? [2:05]
  • I need coffee inside my coffee to get maximum coffeeness in the morning [3:00]
  • At one point social media monster Brian Solis wrote an article in which he ranked the top users of Starbucks, and I was ranked something like #29 in the world [5:15]
  • Used to go to Starbucks three different times per day [5:30]
  • Chose location for our real estate office because it was across the street from a Starbucks [5:50]
  • Adderall or nothing [6:00]
  • This is super not interesting to anybody listening [7:50]
  • One day I just lost my taste for coffee [8:25]
  • Once you get out of a truly bad habit, when you go back and try it, it becomes so obvious how bad it is [10:00]
  • Next topic: people not being aware of cyclists or motorcyclists [10:10]
  • Every single time I went out on a bicycle, I had a close call [12:30]
  • I manufactured close calls just to try to wake drivers up [13:35]
  • I feel safer on a motorcycle than I ever did on a bike [14:10]
  • Things happen constantly in broad daylight [16:30]
  • The most dangerous: people not using turn signals [16:50]
  • Not using turn signals is twice as dangerous as texting while driving [17:25]
  • Talking on the phone is the same effect as having four drinks [18:40]
  • Once saw an entire line of cars sitting at a red light and NONE of them went through during the green [21:00]
  • Next top: culture of personal irresponsibility [24:35]
  • I was truly evil as a child, but I was super polite, and I was respectful and courteous to my friends’ parents [25:00]
  • I got caught doing some really bad things, and I took personal responsibility for it [25:40]
  • I’ve yelled “FUCK YOU” into open car windows many times [26:35]
  • I’m a dick in real life [27:35]
  • Girlfriend wanted to go to Taste of Chicago; I like people, but I hate crowds [28:00]
  • Waiting in line for 30 minutes unnecessarily [32:30]
  • Brendon is stupid [33:00]
  • We have become a rude culture [35:00]
  • Next topic: compare and contrast France with America [36:00]
  • Germans and French people have no issue with telling you you’re doing something wrong [36:50]
  • The Hockenheim maneuver [37:40]
  • (In German accent) One does not put their feet up on the seat and you should quiet down [38:15]
  • Enforcing the cultural norms of German trains [38:45]
  • In America, we have this idea that people are innocent, and to correct them is somehow “bad;” in Europe, the assumption is ignorance, so to correct is to educate and edify – it’s a significant cultural difference [40:15]
  • In America, we’ve erred so far on the side of tolerance. Political correctness has gone so far beyond its original intent, and now it’s used as license for the tolerating of idiot behavior [42:20]
  • An angry mob of people on the steps of a Philadelphia police station, up in the faces of the cops, yelling horrible things at the police – we’re allowing behavior that is so CLEARLY inappropriate [44:30]
  • Our culture is so “anything goes,” and if you say anything, you’re a bigot – you can’t be the adult anymore. The inmates are running the asylum [46:00]
  • If I break your door down and attack you, if you defend yourself, are you intolerant if you stop me? [46:30]
  • “How he gonna get his money?” [46:50] (see at the 1:50 mark of the video below)
  • No hint of shame or wrong; no actual understanding of the difference between right and wrong [48:00]
  • Running through the Frankfurt airport trying to catch a plane [50:00]
  • PC run amok and out of control [52:15]
  • Unions in American business had a real purpose and benefit in their time; but after you fast forward 50 years, they changed their purpose and they became a negative thing and ultimately began to hurt the very people they were created to protect. I see the same thing happening with political correctness [54:00]

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