EP05: Frequent Inappropriate Thoughts

In this episode, Unc and Phew start off by discussing frequent inappropriate thoughts, but then Phew brings up Boaty McBoatface and they go off on a series of tangents that end up in a serious political conversation about how it’s no longer possible to have serious political conversations. Phew shares some chilling examples from the mean streets of Chicago.

Show Notes

  • Live is preferable to dead [:50]
  • First inappropriate thought: “Somebody fucks that?”
  • Friendly reminder: we are politically incorrect/honest
  • Two massive people heading into my healthclub [2:01]
  • At least they’re doing the right thing: going to a health club [3:40]
  • There will always be SOME man out there who wants to have sex with any given woman [3:55]
  • Unc’s perspective: no matter what HE looks like, he’s still attracted to the same type of woman [4:50]
  • In Chicago, Belmont is like a circus sideshow [5:50]
  • It really isn’t rocket science: don’t eat a ton of crap and moderately exercise [6:15]
  • There are way more obese people than there are excuses for being obese [7:20]
  • Once people get to a certain place, they just let themselves go [8:00]
  • People sometimes substitute food for sex [8:21]
  • It’s not always easy to get results even when you try [11:00]
  • Second inappropriate thought: is someone actually fucking my uncle? [13:00]
  • Third inappropriate thought: certain people should not be allowed to vote [13:51]
  • All the people who voted for BREXIT and who are now reconsidering [15:00]
  • Similar thought: some people should not be allowed to reproduce [15:55]
  • Yes, but who is the judge of such things? [16:20]
  • If you score too highly on a pop culture quiz, you shouldn’t be allowed to vote [17:20]
  • What does “Becky with the good hair” mean? [18:00]
  • It comes from a Beyonce song [18:30]
  • What mathematics do you not know because you made room for THAT in your brain? [19:00]
  • Reporter who goes out into the world and asks people insane questions, like “Hillary wants to repeal the Bill of Rights; are you in favor of this?”
  • Did research on the level of education in the US vs the rest of the world [21:05]
  • You did RESEARCH on a FACEBOOK POST??? [21:20]
  • It’s stunning how far we’ve fallen in terms of world educational rankings [21:40]
  • We’re too easy on people [23:00]
  • Regarding Facebook posts, rather than research, I’ll just post and let someone correct me – I’d rather let someone else do the research for me [23:15]
  • We’ve become shameless in such behavior [24:15]
  • People used to take pride in accuracy, intelligence and achievement [24:35]
  • Remember how the bad kid, the “fuck it” kid, used to be cool in school? Now a big part of the culture has become that way [25:15]
  • The last big nationwide vote Britain did was on the naming of an ocean research vessel; the #1 answer was “Boaty McBoatface” [25:50]
  • The national media attention paid to Trump’s scandals vs Hillary’s scandals [25:50]
  • We’ve become so polarized as a country politically that I just want to punch people who don’t agree with me in the face because of the level of ignorance that I perceive in them – just as they probably feel the same way about me [29:25]
  • There is a serious political divide in our biological family [30:00]
  • Father’s Day happened, the tension was palpable and there was almost no conversation about politics. The conversation that did happen was so superficial and so shallow – we were literally talking about the weather [30:55]
  • We’ve reached such loggerheads that we can’t even have conversations anymore [32:20]
  • The rhetoric has been ramped up so high on both sides by the media and professional discord creators [33:15]
  • There is no middle ground, no centrist position anymore [33:55]
  • Phew can’t even speak honestly with his friends in Chicago anymore [34:40]
  • There is a concept in philosophy called the “Doctrine of Charity.” This idea: if someone says something, you should treat that as the best version of itself [35:10]
  • Phew was talking about the migrant crisis in Europe, and he wanted to discuss the legitimate concerns surrounding this issue. When he brought it up with friends, they immediately replied with “You agree with racists?” He then realized we really can’t bring up much of anything controversial anymore 37:55]
  • This can even impact one’s career at this point [39:10]
  • A classic position among many Christians is that homosexuality is wrong, but that DOES NOT MEAN that all such people “hate” gays. Love the sinner, hate the sin. Holding that kind of thought seems to have been eliminated in our culture today [40:15]
  • People are just sitting and waiting to be offended, it seems [41:50]
  • The inconsistency between how people perceive Christianity vs Islam is amazing [43:00]
  • An open mic in comedy is like watching a band practicing new material [44:00]
  • Went on a date with a woman who was genderfluid, and he talked about this onstage [44:30]
  • Phew was then attacked verbally from stage by the next comic [45:20]
  • The context–Phew just trying to work out a new bit onstage–was completely ignored by this other person [46:00]
  • It’s open fodder for black people to talk about white people in the comedy world, and no one calls them racists – one straight white guy makes a joke about a genderfluid girl and he’s a homophobe [47:40]
  • There are two sets of rules in our culture today, and if you even question them, you are a bigot/racist/hater [48:15]
  • Fox News is so overtly biased against the left that is shoots itself in the foot. If it just kept to the facts with real intellectual integrity that would be one thing, which is what it should do, but it goes overboard to compensate for what it perceives the liberal media does everywhere else [49:10]
  • It’s Fox on one side and every other other media source to the left to varying degrees [50:05]

Boaty McBoatface image courtesy of the New York Times.


Michael McClure