EP02: Crossfit vs Yoga, Strip Club Evangelism & the Devil’s Footwear

In this episode, Unc and Phew debate the pros and cons of Crossfit vs yoga, Unc’s passion for preaching the gospel at strip clubs and the demonic implications of the devil’s footwear: flip flops. Yes, you read all of that correctly. We know you want to listen. We dare you.

Show Notes

  • The culture of Chicago is predicated on sitting inside and drinking [:55]
  • Volume 1 of Uncphew Mixtape [1:55]
  • Topic 1: Yoga vs Crossfit…which group features the most douchebags? [2:15]
  • Unc’s been working out forever and loves yoga [2:50]
  • Yoga takes the angst and anxiety out of Unc [3:20]
  • Phew wrestled (with demons and gender identity) in high school [3:45]
  • The biggest smallest challenge [4:30]
  • Phew got into MMA after college [4:45]
  • Got into Crossfit after that [5:00]
  • Phew admits Crossfit has a lot of dbags [5:35]…
  • …but suggests the yoga dbag is a slimier kind of dbag [5:45]
  • Everyone in Crossfit is aware of the “bro culture” reputation of Crossfit [5:58]
  • Yoga dbags deny their dbaggery on the outside [6:35]
  • The Crossfit dbag is a more honest dbag [6:46]
  • Going into it, Unc narrowed his choices to yoga, Crossfit or suicide [7:15]
  • Unc loves watching the Crossfit Games on TV [7:45]
  • Unc pussied out of Crossfit [8:45]
  • Unc doesn’t respect the “end of a yoga class” ritual [9:45]
  • Crossfit has none of that weird stuff that yoga has [12:45]
  • The pluses of yoga: yoga pants, yoga pants, yoga pants and yoga pants [13:25]
  • Unc now attends a serious yoga club [13:35]
  • Crossfit changed our perception of the perfect female body [16:25]
  • You’re weird if you don’t have any tattoos [19:00]
  • A friend of a friend opened up a tattoo parlor in downtown Plymouth (where Unc loves) [22:45]
  • A friend named Dale Chumbley fought cancer and won, and then got into Crossfit and went through a radical physical transformation [24:30]
  • Phew fears injury from the Shake Weight [25:15]
  • Crossfit gets an unfairly bad rap because people don’t consider the injury potential issue [26:35]
  • Unc has ridden a motorcycle 10,000 miles in the last year with no incidents (knock on wood) [29:00]
  • Topic 2: Strip club evangelism [29:40]
  • Unc first and foremost considers himself a Christian [30:20]
  • Jesus hung out with sinners very often; consider the 12 disciples [31:10]
  • Strippers assess your financial wherewithal, and once they determine you have money, you can’t get them off you [31:55]
  • Unc alone at the strip club: shifts into evangelism mode [34:30]
  • Has done this at least seven times, with the exact same result [35:10]
  • They cry at the end [36:00]
  • Met some very intelligent women at strip clubs [36:55]
  • Topic 3: Flips flops…tool of Satan? [39:00]
  • Unc has left restaurants because of some guy wearing flip flops [39:35]
  • Mashable article about how flip flops are never appropriate for men [40:10]
  • The children deserve a flip flop free future [41:34]
  • You’re not going to make me feel bad about this [42:20]

Crossfit image courtesy of thedailybeast.com. Yoga image courtesy of i.ytimg.com. Gandhi image courtesy of godgunsglory.com.