EP07: Everyone is Hitler

First came Beetlemania. The hot new thing all the cool kids are doing today? Of course, it's Hitlermania. Whether goose-stepping down Main Street or sieg heiling on Wall Street, everyone seems to be caught up in this awesome new fad that is sweeping the nation. Listen in as Unc and Phew do their best to dissect this craze and unpack all of its wonderful implications. Click on the link above to listen...


EP06: The Cultural Norms of German Trains

In this episode, Unc and Phew attempt to blindside each other with unexpected topics. The end result is a free flowing cavalcade of stories, anecdotes, and–of course–admissions of idiocy and self-loathing. Highlights include being the 29th ranked Starbucks consumer on the planet in 2011, the dangers of two-wheeled transportation, yelling obscenities into open car windows, being an evil–but unfailingly polite–child, the Hockenheim Maneuver, enforcing the cultural norms of German trains, how it's become impossible to "be the adult" in America anymore and the #1 question on everyone's mind during 2016, "how he gon get his money?" Click on the link...


EP05: Frequent Inappropriate Thoughts

In this episode, Unc and Phew start off by discussing frequent inappropriate thoughts, but then Phew brings up Boaty McBoatface and they go off on a series of tangents that end up in a serious political conversation about how it's no longer possible to have serious political conversations. Phew shares some chilling examples from the mean streets of Chicago. Click the link above to listen...


EP03: Hangin’ with Shaq at the Final Four

In this episode, Unc and Phew discuss one of the true highlights of Unc's life: being named America's #1 Michigan State basketball fan. Because of that, Unc was asked to help AT&T promote the 2015 Final Four in Indianapolis. Of course, he brought Phew along, along with two of Unc's best friends. Click on the link above to hear of the nuttiness that ensued, including hangin' with Shaq...


EP02: Crossfit vs Yoga, Strip Club Evangelism & the Devil’s Footwear

In this episode, Unc and Phew debate the pros and cons of Crossfit vs yoga, Unc's passion for preaching the gospel at strip clubs and the demonic implications of the devil's footwear: flip flops. Yes, you read all of that correctly. We know you want to listen. We dare you. Just click on the link above to listen to the ridiculousness...


EP01: Welcome to Uncphew!

Welcome to Episode 1 of our podcast! In this show, we talk about how Phew destroyed Unc's comedy dreams , Unc's being named Michigan State's #1 basketball fan, Phew's unemployable dual major in college, how maybe we need to start being nice to each other and and a bunch of other stuff. Click the link above to listen in, and thanks for checking us out...